El Vista Baptist Church

Be a Five Star Christian: 
  1. Read the Bible (search, compare, memorize, meditate)
  2. Pray (daily for loved ones, church family, the lost, the nation)
  3. Attend church faithfully (for your good and the good of the church)
  4. Give (practice tithing as a conviction, give more to missions, special needs)
  5. Witness to the lost (family members, aquaintances, set a time to go, keep a list of names)

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Daily in the Word                                   Evangelist Joshua Lancaster
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Heaven 88.7 FM                                     Kids 4 Truth
Old Christian Radio                              The Sword of the Lord


Here are a few ways to open a conversation that may lead to winning someone to Christ: May I ask you an interesting question? If you die tonight, do you know 100% for sure that you will go to Heaven? or "What do you think happens when you die?" or "Do you ever think about what happens when you die? What makes you think of it? What do you think it is?" or "Did you grow up in any religious faith, belief system or tradition as a child?" These are suggestions to begin a conversation. From there one may begin to introduce the message of the Gospel into the conversation.

"Soul-conscious" means being aware that people around us may be lost and in need of a Saviour. When a conversation begins with an individual, pay attention for clues concerning the individual's need and level of understanding. If one is already a believer, you can enjoy fellowship with your Christian brother or sister! If not, you may count on it that the Lord has given you an opportunity to witness. Carry a Bible tract or New Testament to be ready to pass along the way of salvation to your contact.