El Vista Baptist Church
The Faith Promise Plan for Missionary Giving is how El Vista supports missionaries at home and around the world. Through generous giving, we currently help support missionaries in places such as Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Haiti, Germany, Zambia, and several others. We also support the Bible Tracts ministry, Jewish Evangelism, and our Bible College students. Frequent missionary speakers and an annual Missionary Conference in October keep our hearts concerned for the lost around the world. 

Missionary of the Week:
Todd & Tammy Painter
Indochina Missions

Missionaries Supported by El Vista:
Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE)
  • Jack Archibald & Ben Peterson
Baptist International Outreach
  • James Howard
Baptist Mid-Missions
  • Carolyn Renner & Stephen Wivell
Baptist Missions to Forgotten People
  • Gerri King, Will Dassow
Baptist World Mission
  • Rebekah Fruin
Bible Tracts
  • Micah McCurry, Director
Bill Rice Ranch
  • Wil Rice IV, President
Baptist International Missions, Inc. (BIMI)
  • Jonathan Oehlert, Dave Carter, Andy Schultz, Alisha Stensaas, Caleb Turner
Calvary Baptist Ministries, Inc.
  • Dr. Jerry McDonald, Jr., Director
Camp Assurance
  • Scott Randolph, Director
Camp Joy
  • John Moore, Director
Camp of the Woods
  • Garland Cofield
Concerned Christian Americans
  • Bob Vanden Bosch
El Vista Baptist Academy Scholarship
El Vista Baptist Bus Ministry
El Vista Baptist Church
  • Pastor Sunil Nemat
El Vista Baptist College Student Scholarship
Faith Baptist Church
  • Marty Montgomery - Capital Baptist Church, Springfield, IL
Fires Of Evangelism
  • Elmer Fernandez
Fundamental Baptist Home Missions, Inc.
  • Mawuli Togbi-Wonyo 
Fundamental Baptist Missions International
  • Mark Holmes
Fundamental Baptist World Wide Missions
  • David Vickers
Global Outreach
  • Bismaille Lerisse, Mike Lemma & Dave Westbrook
Grand Strand Baptist Church
  • Willie Pinder
Iglesia Bautista Betania
  • Jane Lininger
International Board of Jewish Missions, Inc. (IBJM)
  • Norwood Evangelistic Fund
International Partnership Ministries (IPM)
  • Bill Bowen, Manuel Moyano
Indochina Missions
  • Todd Painter
Jewish End-time Ministries (JEM)
  • Henry Benach
Joshua Lancaster, Evangelist
La Espada
  • Daniel Garlick
New Hope Baptist Church
  • Pastor Dan Bottrell
Norman Stevens, Evangelist
Peoria Rescue Ministries
  • Rescue Mission, Esther House, Victory Acres, 
         Women's Pregnancy Center & Barnabas Center
Transworld Radio
  • Skip Britton
Vision Baptist Missions
  • Patrick Henry, Miguel Sanabria
Worldview Ministries
  • Wangrai & Michele Ngonamei
World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions
  • Elsa Ramirez, Tim Stalcup

Common Monthly Designations:
Christian Law Association (CLA)
  • Carolyn Humphreys
Fundamental Baptist Missions International (FBMI)
  • Daniel Wilder
Rural Home Missionary Association
  • Luke Wolford