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II Corinthians 5:17-21

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John 3:16 
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Current Events

  • January 25...9:00am...Budget Committee Meeting

  • January 25...1:00pm...Nominating Committee Meeting

  • February 2...Pastor Watt will preach at Bible Tracts, Bloomington, IL

As we look ahead into the new year, we remind you of some of the ministries available to our members. Since 1993 we have operated a prayer group for Jewish evangelism. We call it the Everlasting Nation Fellowship. Its three functions are a weekly prayer meeting on Friday, a monthly potluck/study, and an Annual Tribute to Israel Sunday in May.

Our Annual Business Meeting is approaching. If you lead one of our ministries, we would appreciate a report for the previous year that we may share with the church.

You are encouraged to pick up a copy of the Sword of the Lord paper from the information table. These have been provided for your enjoyment and instruction.

Statistics indicate that 54 million Christians did not vote in 2016. You can register to vote online at https://ova.elections.il.gov 

Take time to stop by the missionary display and read the prayer letters in the notebook. You will be blessed to see what the Lord is doing on various fields around the world.

Two different formats of Bible Reading schedules have been pit on the information table for your use and a new one added to the website. Help yourself to them. Days of Praise, Call to Glory, and Our Daily Bread devotional guides are also available.

We are currently live-streaming our services on Facebook. Please join us if you have a Facebook account. We have a link on our "Contact Us" page of this website.

For Wednesday prayer meeting, if you have a request to share, please write it on the prayer request slips from the information table.

Clear Vision 2020
March 22-24 will be our Second Annual Prophecy Conference with Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. 
July 26-31 will be our Summer Revival meetings with Evangelist Dan Knickerbocker.
October 18-21 will be our Annual Missions Conference.