El Vista Baptist Church
Bible Memory Passage 
Proverbs 16:21-25 

Read the Bible in a year plan. Just click on the Bible above and you we be directed to a plan layout from Sword of the Lord.
Please remember to silence your cell phones during the services. It will be very much appreciated.
Please be sure none 
of our new song books 
are left on the floor 
after each service.
Thank you
Current Events

  • September 18...6:30pm...Everlasting Nation Fellowship
  • September 20...7:00pm...Missionary Brady Van Winkle
  • September 23...1:30pm...Teens to Tanner's Orchard
  • September 28 & 29...Christian School Teachers Convention
  • October 6 & 7...Ignite Conference @ Park Meadows

The seven churches of Asia Minor were in what is today known as Turkey. The country is ruled by Muslims, but there are opportunities for the Gospel there. We will hear about this on Wednesday, September 20, when Missionaries Brady & Sarah Van Winkle join us.

Bible Tract Spotlight:
Natural disasters are going to occur. They are also going to stir questions. We can use these events to share the Gospel as God gets the attention of both saints and sinners. This tract enables you to participate in God's work.

Young People! Be sure to check out the Youth & Teen Activities page for upcoming events throughout the year. The Teen page is located in the About Us tab.

Wednesday Evenings
Ladies Bible Study @ 6:00pm (Skype on Thursdays)

For Wednesday prayer meeting, if you have a request to share, please write it on the prayer request slips from the information table.

"Everybody Ought to Know"
Be sure to set aside the dates of October 15-18 for our Annual Faith Promise Missionary Conference. Speakers include Dr. Tom Wallace, Fred Johnson, and Bill Bowen. 

It's not too early to begin seeking God's will about what you and I can trust God to do in the coming year in giving to missions. Ask the Lord to lead you.