El Vista Baptist Church
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Hebrews 1:6-10

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Please remember to silence your cell phones during the services. It will be very much appreciated.
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John 3:16 
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Current Events

  • October 14...7:00pm...Deacons Meeting

  • October 18...Noon...Academy to Tanner's Orchard

  • October 19...2:00pm...Teens to Tanner's Orchard

  • October 26...6:00pm...International Missionary Dinner

  • October 28...7:30pm...Peoria Rescue Mission Service

El Vista Baptist Ministry Opportunity
On most Mondays during the school year (beginning in October) we host a Good News Club @ Harrison School. We have several helpers, but more would be useful. The club meets right after school, mid-afternoon. See Mrs. Lancaster if you are interested.

Two different formats of Bible Reading schedules have been pit on the information table for your use and a new one added to the website. Help yourself to them. Days of Praise, Call to Glory, and Our Daily Bread devotional guides are also available.

We are currently live-streaming our services on Facebook. Please join us if you have a Facebook account. We have a link on our "Contact Us" page of this website.

For Wednesday prayer meeting, if you have a request to share, please write it on the prayer request slips from the information table.

El Vista Baptist 
Missionary Conference
October 20 - 23
"I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel"
Our missionaries are supported through the faith promise offerings of our members. We pray each year to try our faith and determine what we can trust God to supply for missions through our giving, then compositely through the church. This conference is an opportunity to be challenged to pray and give and go. We'll have the Howards, Lerisses, Norm Stevens, and Rebekah Fruin this year. What do these missionaries have in common? They are supported through El Vista. Plan, and pray and participate in this great ministry endeavor.

Evangelist Norman Stevens will bring the opening message @ 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, October 20. A pot luck lunch will follow the morning service. Meetings will continue through Wednesday, morning & evening daily.