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II Peter 1:5-9
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Current Events

  • January 21...NO Everlasting Nation Fellowship
  • January 26...9:00am...Budget Committee Meeting
  • January 26...11:00am...Children Church Activity

Please continue to pray for Pastor Watt and his recovery.

We hope to have our annual business meeting soon. Some reports need to be completed and turned into the pastor as soon as possible. If you lead one of our ministries, please submit your report.

Revive us Again!
One mark of revival is a concern for the lost. John R. Rice expressed this in a song: "O bring your loved ones, Bring them to Jesus! Bring every brother and sister to Him! When come the reapers, Home with the harvest, May all our dear ones be safe gathered in." As we seek the Lord for revival, let's ask Him to increase our concern, and then act on that concern to win them.

With the winter weather, many have been hindered from coming to services. Let's increase our efforts in inviting friends and family to our services in the coming weeks. 

Two different formats of Bible Reading schedules have been pit on the information table for your use and a new one added to the website. Help yourself to them. Days of Praise, Call to Glory, and Our Daily Bread devotional guides are also available.

Looking Ahead in the New Year:
March 25, 26....Sword of the Lord Conference
June 9-13...Vacation Bible School
July 21-26....Revival with Dr. Phil Stringer
July 29...Teens to Camp Joy
October 20-23....Missionary Conference

Pastor Mike Allison leads Madison Baptist Church in Alabama. He has been a speaker in our Sword Conference twice before, and he will join Shelton Smith for this year's conference, March 25, 26, the Lord willing.

Did you know you can connect with some of our missionaries on-line? Visit Missionaries on the Web through this web site by clicking this link.

John 3:16 - For an insightful tract and reading, click the following link:

We are currently live-streaming our services on Facebook. Please join us if you have a Facebook account. We have a link on our "Contact Us" page of this website.

Young People! Be sure to check out the Youth & Teen Activities page for upcoming events throughout the year. The Teen page is located in the About Us tab.

Wednesday Evenings
Ladies Bible Study @ 6:00pm (Skype on Thursdays)

For Wednesday prayer meeting, if you have a request to share, please write it on the prayer request slips from the information table.