El Vista Baptist Church

Special Services

The Lord's Supper
Once a month we spend time during an evening or morning service to observe the Lord's Supper. This is a memorial of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made on the cross for our sins. It bestows no saving grace, but causes us to examine our hearts and confess our sins to Him as our Great High Priest. It is an expression of our communion together with the Lord and with one another. As a church ordinance, we believe that those who partake should be saved, scripturally baptized, and in good standing with a church of like faith.

Bus transportation is available in some areas of Peoria. El Vista Baptist Church has been in the bus ministry since 1965. Hundreds of young people have been saved and many have followed the Lord into His service. Pray for the drivers, captains, helpers, riders, and their families that God will have His way in every life. Bro. Herb Gress assists in this work with a monthly workers meeting. Call the church office at (309) 692-8675 or e-mail Pastor Watt for more details.

Services are interpreted for the hearing impaired. A Sunday School Class is conducted weekly, and activities for the hearing impaired are held monthly. Beginning Sign Language Classes are taught annually during our training hour on Sunday evenings.

El Vista Baptist Church has been recording the services for many years. Though we do not maintain an archive for very long, through our CD Ministry most services are available for a few months after the service. Several recorded services are currently available on-line at sermonaudio.com. If you are interested in a CD of any service, please contact the church.